Sunday, March 1, 2009

Just a bit longer...

Today I started on the new schedule with a 90 minute 8.5 mile run. Felt very strong and had no problems with the distance.

On Friday I came down with a quick head cold that thankfully only lasted about 36 hours and then it was gone (or at least I hope it is now gone). Felt it coming on for a few days and kindof felt like a "runners" cold -- from time to time I get the feeling that a cold is coming on but it never takes hold. This mainly happens when I increase my miles/workouts.

Tomorrow it is back in the pool -- I know that once I purchase that 3 month membership, then I'll force myself to get in there and swim - it's not that IronMan Wisconsin is coming soon, it is not wanting to waste the money -- funny how that works.

For all of Oldest Mini's home swim meet's, Mrs Team BRAZO and myself were timers on the lanes. Hopefully some of the skill of those swimmers rubbed off on me.


jwm said...

hey hey! Good to get going, eh?


Formulaic said...

Good luck on kicking that cold. Beat is early is the key!

Have fun on the swim. Keep us updated.

JP Severin said...

Perfect description of that type of cold... I have been searching for the way to describe that for a long time... Thanks!